Fixie Chain Noise What You Can Do

Fixie Chain Noise

Fixie chain noise is an irritating sound that occurs when the rear wheel of a fixie chain rotates. When you ride your bike and fix it with a chain, you may notice this annoying noise. Fortunately, you can easily eliminate this sound by adjusting the position of your rear wheel. When you are using a … Read more

Vuelta Fixie Crankset Review

Vuelta Fixie Crankset Review

A Fixie bike crank is the single most important part of a fixie bike. Fixie bike cranks are a distinctive feature of this type of bike. A Fixie bike crank is a bicycle crank used on a bike that has only a single gear. The term is an abbreviation of the term “fixed gear”. Fixie … Read more

Are Fixie Bikes Good for Exercise?

Are Fixie Bikes Good for Exercise

Riding a bike is a good way to get in some exercise and improve your fitness. There are different types of bikes, and the one you choose depends on what you plan to use it for. A fixie bike is great for riding around town and can even offer some health benefits. It’s often seen … Read more