5 Best Electric Bikes for Beach Sand (2023) – Fat Tire Cruisers

Summer is finally here, and all you want to do is take your bike out on the beach to cruise around. Unfortunately, beach sand can get caught in your bike’s gears and potentially cause damage to it—not something you want when you’re paying good money for it! To prevent that, consider one of these best electric bikes for beach sand, excluding fat-tire cruisers and mountain bikes.

In recent years e-bikes have become one of the most convenient ways to get around crowded cities. Lightweight and easy to use, electric bike-share systems are standard in many major cities where they can help alleviate traffic congestion and reduce pollution by reducing car emissions. So, it only makes sense that more people choose e-bikes over cars as their primary form of transportation when traveling on vacation or visiting busy destinations like beaches, parks, and forests. But if you’re not careful about choosing your bike, riding an electric bike through soft sand can be a challenge.

Fat Tires in e-bikes

With their immense size and resistance to absorbing shock, fat tires help immensely in off-road situations, like navigating rocky beaches or exploring mountainous regions. The downsides of fat tires are that they can be challenging to balance and are not designed for high-speed riding on smooth surfaces—the ideal environment for e-bikes. Avoid those hard-packed sand dunes along the coast and stick with firmer surfaces like asphalt or concrete when riding your electric bike at beachside locales.

When it comes to your body composition, consider that fatter riders have a higher percentage of body fat than thinner riders. It will take more calories burned per mile to get them moving than slimmer people do. In other words, if you weigh more than an average person (and most people do), then you’ll need more energy burned per mile to maintain your speed versus someone who weighs less than average.

Fat Tire E-Bike vs Beach Cruiser

Beach riding can be tough on any bike but adding a heavy rider or luggage and steering through soft sand makes it even more difficult. Fat Tire E-bikes offer a more accessible alternative to pedal over beach sand or gravel than Beach Cruisers with pneumatic tires, and they are better equipped to carry cargo.

The main factor to consider when choosing between Beach Cruisers and Fat Tire E-bikes is whether or not you plan on taking your bike onto trails. If you plan to use your bike off the road, you should strongly consider an electric fat tire bicycle because they offer much more excellent traction and stability than regular beach cruisers.

If you want to take your bike on a trail once in a while, perhaps because there is a new hiking trail near where you live or because you are planning a trip to visit family members who live far away and don’t have good public transportation options nearby, then going with a regular beach cruiser would probably be fine.

On-Road E-bikes and Off-Road E-bikes.

On the road, e-bike tires have tread patterns designed to give traction while pedaling forward and backward while still relatively flat, allowing them to roll smoothly across sandy surfaces without getting stuck. They also tend to have wider rims which make carrying larger bags easier.

Off-road e-bike tires tend to be knobby, giving more traction in loose dirt and sand but sacrificing smoothness on the pavement, making them less comfortable for long rides on roads or paved paths. They also tend to have smaller rims making it harder to carry large bags or water bottles.

Off-road e-bike tires work better when traveling away from paved roads, while on-road e-bike tires work better when traveling toward paved roads. This may seem counterintuitive, but if you think about it, if your destination is on a paved road, you will likely need to travel toward that road, whereas if your goal is off a paved road, you will need to travel away from that road.

Picking your bike based on terrain

A great rule of thumb when buying an electric bike is that if you’re riding in very hilly terrain or on soft ground (sand, etc.), a mid-drive motor will serve you well with its efficient torque output and grip climbing ability. But if you’re only planning on tackling easy terrain or smooth trails in soft conditions, a front-drive setup might be okay!

Best Electric Bikes for Beach Sand (2022)

Need a summer ride? Check out the five sand e-bikes! From fat-tire cruisers to beach sand e-bikes, we’ve got you covered.

1- SNAPCYCLE R1 (Best eBike for Beach Sand)

Snapcycle R1 Step-Thru, one of the most incredible beach electric bikes today, is the first on our list. Rapid acceleration in traffic and power up the most challenging hills are built into the R1’s 750W Snapcycle brushless rear hub drive. A 48V/14Ah lithium battery with LG cells and a management system is combined with this strong motor.

Safety characteristics on the R1 are noteworthy. The hydraulic disc brakes are the best when it comes to braking power. The brakes also include automatic motor cutoffs to ensure that the electric power will be disconnected when you press the brakes. Finally, the R1 has a stunning display that shows the battery level, speed, assist level, odometer, and journey distance.

Drive modes on the R1 are numerous. The R1’s 7-speed Shimano gears make it possible to ride it like a regular bicycle. It’s as simple as turning on the Pedal Assist System (PAS) and selecting one of five levels of assistance. Also, you can use the right-side Thumb Throttle to ride without pedaling at all. It’s also possible to mix and match various driving modes to create the perfect balance for any given situation.

Electric fat tire bikes like the R1 are among the best we provide. Its step-through frame, adjustable stem, and upright riding position make it very comfortable to ride, but it also comes equipped with some fantastic gadgets and attachments.

PRICE: $1,699

2- AVENTON SINCH (Best Electric Bike for Sand)

The Aventon Sinch is our next pick, a foldable fat tire electric bike that’s perfect for long rides on the beach or in the snow, and it’s small enough to fit in your car when you’re through.

It comes with a 672 Wh battery, the Aventon Sinch hides it inside its frame, resulting in a streamlined design that doesn’t have an eyesore of a battery behind it. If you wish to charge the battery independently from the bike, you don’t have to remove it.

The throttle doesn’t operate from a standstill on this bike. The throttle doesn’t engage until you’ve pedaled for roughly half a turn. That’s fine on the road, but half a rotation in deep sand is a tall order. However, it’s a breeze once you’re up and running, and this bike is an absolute delight to ride.

Powered by a 500W geared hub motor, the Aventon Sinch can deliver 750W of peak power. It would be better to see hydraulic disc brakes installed on Aventon’s other high-end bike, the Aventon Level. The frame quality of an Aventon e-bike has yet to be matched by any other e-bike manufacturer.

The broad tires glide over sand and obstacles, while the tiny tire diameter keeps the bike agile and light. It’s a great fat tire bike that also looks pretty good.

Price: 1499$

3- RALEIGH RETROGLIDE (Best Bike for Beach Sand)

The next e-bike on our list is Raleigh Retroglide Royale IE Electric Beach Cruiser Bike. First of all, thanks to the Tektro hydraulic disc brakes and Bosch Powertube battery for making it a joy to ride, which can give us more than 40 kilometers on a single charge.

It has a low center of gravity, ideal for novice riders since it provides a smooth and balanced ride on sand or wet roads. Because of a low center of gravity, the Bosch power tube battery travels 40 km on a single charge and charges quickly to its maximum capacity.

Despite its excellent acceleration on inclines, the Bosch Active Line 250-watt motor can only reach 20 mph. A second headlamp is required for this fat tire electric beach cruiser for nighttime use, although it is available separately. One of the most significant motorcycles because of its long battery life and creative display.

In addition to the Bosch Purion display, this electric bicycle comes with other important information, such as speed, battery life, and gear sets. More than 40 kilometers are possible on a single charge. It provides a smooth ride with its low center of gravity. Its proper parameters are displayed on a bright LCD panel, including gear ratios.

PRICE: 2750$

4- VELOWAVE 750W (Bicycle for Beach Sand)

Next up on this list, we have Velowave 750W Electric Bike Adults. This e-bike has a powerful engine that can travel up to 25 miles per hour on sandy terrain. By using 26-inch fat tires, incremented surface buoyancy and friction are achieved.

Using the e-48v bike’s battery, you can travel more than 25 miles on one charge. There’s no issue of running out of gas while riding down the coast because an additional 40 miles per hour of riding time is possible thanks to the pedal-assist feature.

The front suspension takes care of all on-road shocks so that riders won’t worry about backache. The tires’ anti-skidding feature provides improved traction on uneven roadways.

The front brake rotor comes 203 millimeters in size, while the rear brake rotor is 160/180 millimeters. Just because of this combination, you can slam on the brakes hard without fear of a collision.

The carbon steel-made double suspension on this bike creates a fantastic electric bike that keeps you as comfy as possible while riding. The dual suspension absorbs shock, enhancing both your comfort and your safety.

The fine grooves in the tires offer increased traction on sandy, muddy, or any other road surface. With a smooth front suspension and a shock-absorbing shell, you will be able to reduce road shocks.

It’s an attractive e-bike with a well-integrated battery pack, unlike many low-cost fat tire e-bikes on the market. LG cells are used in the battery, which should increase its lifespan.

More than 40 miles of driving time can be achieved using a detachable 48v battery. As soon as the bike is started, it can reach 28 miles per hour in less than a minute. The 750-watt fat tire electric bike boasts an LCD monitor, hydraulic brakes, front lighting, and more for a high-end riding experience.

PRICE: 1699$

5- MICARGI CYCLONE (Best Electric Beach Cruiser)

With a 300W motor and lithium-ion battery, the Micargi Cyclone looks like something straight out of the 1970s. Our best electric beach cruiser bike is in jeopardy due to this combo.

The Micargi Cyclone Electric Beach Cruiser Bike has a matte black finish and an option of red or black rims, making it highly appealing. It is possible to ride up to 40 kilometers on a single charge with the Panasonic 48V 11.6AH lithium-ion battery pack, and we found that the recharge time was reasonable. We also appreciated the bike’s five pedal assist levels and 26″ fat tires, which helped make it the finest fat tire electric beach cruiser electric bike.

The Micargi Cyclone is a retro-styled scooter with a 300W motor, big tires, and a lithium-ion battery that lets you cruise about your favorite beaches and social spots like the 1970s. Sand is no match for its fat tires.

The hi-ten steel frame of this electric bike is aesthetically pleasing, but it contributes to the bike’s overall weight of 83 pounds. In addition, the Bafang motor excels at steep ascents, although its top speed is limited to 20 mph.

PRICE: 2400$


What to look for when buying an e-bike?

If you’re shopping for an electric bicycle, there are some things you should know before hitting up your local bike shop. Electric bikes come in all shapes and sizes these days, so picking one is a matter of personal preference. Whether you want something super-rugged or sleek and stylish is totally up to you.

What main features to look for in an e-bike while buying an e-bike?

The six main features that should influence your decision include (1) battery life/recharge time; (2) motor type; (3) power output; (4) weight; (5) price; and (6) ease of use. These six points will help guide you and decide which one is right for you as you shop.

What to look for before making your purchase?

You need to consider two things when looking at an e-bike: battery life and motor power. The size of your battery is determined by how far you want to go between charges (e.g., 30 miles), while motor power is determined by how much weight you want to carry (e.g., 250 pounds). You should consider both variables carefully when deciding which type of e-bike is right for you.

Bottom Line

The most important thing to remember is that your bike should match your experience level. If you’re new to cycling, don’t buy a race-ready bike—get something simple and fun instead! And remember: Bike shops are full of people who love their sport as much as they love helping others find their perfect setup. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get advice from professionals before making any big purchases. The more research you do now, the happier your rides will be later!

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