Top 2 Cheap Fixie Bikes Under 200 With Tips

Have you seen cheap fixie bikes under 200 before? If you do, I bet that you will say the best fixie bikes under 200 prices are very cheap. Then, for cheap fixie bikes under $200, you’ve come to the right place. You may believe that cheap fixie bikes under 200 have low-quality components, but there are still some inexpensive fixes despite the low price.

I mean if we talk about the best fixie bikes under 200, there will be so many names of fixie bike models for beginners for men or women on this list. But I have to say it’s not perfect of all of those things. It is very tough to find the best fixie bikes under 200. Some of them are not under $200, they’re 200 plus.

Cheap Fixie Bikes under 200$ Review

Here we are providing you top 2 fixed gear bikes under 200. Hope you like them and choose one for your daily life.

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

Cheap Fixie Bikes Under 200
Takura single-speed bike

Takara Yuugen Single Speed Flat Bar Fixie Road Bike is a great bike for someone who wants to get started in biking or if you are looking for a good commuting bike. This road bike has a simple, clean design and it’s made from high tensile steel which makes this bike very durable. The frame is very lightweight but it’s also strong enough to support your weight so you can ride with confidence knowing that the frame won’t break.

It is a great bike for riding around town or to the park. The 700c wheels make it easy to ride on any terrain.

This bicycle features an adjustable seat and handlebars and comes with training wheels so you can easily learn how to ride. The 29-inch wheels are perfect for riding over bumpy sidewalks or dirt trails.

Key Features

  • Flat handlebar
  • Specially designed for roads
  • Strong enough for heavyweight
  • 700c wheels
  • High tensile steel

Pros and Cons

  • You can use it for long run
  • Cheap but worth buying
  • Light and great quality
  • Loose spokes problem

Takara Yuugen Flat Bar Fixie Bike

Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike
Takara Yuugen Flat Bar Fixie Bike

This Takara Yuugen Flat Bar Fixie Bike is a great choice for those who want to ride on the streets. It has a single-speed and fixed-gear rear wheel, which makes it easy to shift gears and go up hills. This bike also has a front suspension, making it comfortable to ride. The frame is made of steel and colors are available in blue/grey. This Flat Bar Fixie Bike was designed by Takara Tomy.

It is a flat bar fixie bike with front and rear suspension for a comfortable ride. 32-hole double-wall alloy rims provide durability and strength. The wheels are lightweight for easy pedaling but strong enough to withstand the demands of urban riding. A steel frame provides a sturdy base that can handle your daily commute or weekend rides with friends. This fixie Bike features an adjustable seat height and is the best fixie bike under 200 on the market. You can find comfort on this bike.

Key Features

  • Best for hills
  • Flat handlebars
  • Comfortable suspension
  • All components are adjustable

Pros and Cons

  • Strong and lightweight
  • Affordable and silent
  • Tires are too slick
  • Requires adjustment per week

What Makes Up an Inexpensive Fixie

What are the most important things to consider when purchasing a fixie? These are all questions that can be answered by knowing what makes up an inexpensive fixie.

In most cases, the frame of every bike is made from good steel. Inexpensive bikes use lower quality steel with less carbon and alloy content than the standard Chromoly or high carbon steel. The material may also have been treated to increase its strength without adding significant weight, but keep in mind that it will still be slightly weaker than higher-quality metals.

Another thing to watch out for on an inexpensive fixie is the handlebars and riser stem if they are included in the package. The handlebars are often made from low-quality steel with welds that are not as strong or durable. Additionally, inexpensive bikes may use Chromoly steel riser stems instead of forged aluminum alloy stems which are much stronger and more durable.

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Things to Consider While Buying Cheap Fixie Bikes Under 200

There are many reasons why someone might want to choose a fixie bike over other types of bikes. The main reason would be because it is seen as “cool” amongst today’s youth, especially in urban areas. Not only does the person riding the bike usually look cool, but they end up looking like one bad-ass bike rider! The careful selection of fixies under $200 can yield an inexpensive way to get into this booming market; however, there are some things that you need to consider before purchasing your first one. Here are some criteria to consider For Buying Fixies Under $200

Frame Material of Cheap Fixie Bikes

Despite their simplistic appearance, fixies are technically advanced machines. Frame material of fixie bikes is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing your first fixed gear bike or continuing on with an existing one.

A common misconception about fixies is that they come in only one style: steel frame and forks. This notion has led many first-time riders to purchase a fixie made of inferior materials. Frame material of fixie bikes may vary, but all have a rigid body and a fixed gear system.

Different types of steel or aluminum alloy can be used to manufacture frames. The most popular choice for frames is made from Chromoly steel tubing due to its lightweight nature and high tensile strength.

Gear Size

A fixie bike is a type of single-speed bicycle that doesn’t allow the rider to coast. It requires constant pedaling for it to work, which makes it different from most bikes out there. Because of this feature, some people call them “fixed wheels”. The lack of gears and freewheeling mechanism means that they are not as versatile as other bikes.

These gearless bikes are designed to give them a minimalist look while making them more efficient for commuting. They are also cheaper than other models since they don’t have a complex gearing mechanism.

Are you planning to buy one? You should consider a variety of factors before shopping for a fixie bike, no matter what your goals or budget are.

One important thing to think about is the size of the gears. The right gear size for a fixie bike depends on your riding preferences, physical condition, and skills. If you are new to cycling or going up tall hills, then choose a smaller gear size. This will make it easier to climb those steep slopes.

Brake of Cheap Fixie Bikes Under 200

Since I am a fixie biker, many of my friends have been asking me if this bike is suitable for them. Other people are interested to know the specifications and other necessary things about it as well. So let us see all those necessary points about cheap fixie bikes under 200 here.

When the first time, the first thing which comes to our mind is that it is a brakeless bike. Yes, that’s true but don’t worry it won’t stop with just the non-existence of this feature.

What about the second thing? I know everyone wants to know how they can apply brakes to it. Well, without this you cannot ride a fixie biker in a safe or better way. Fixie bikes have a unique sprocket system with a freewheel on the rear wheel. It won’t provide a brake but only a gear shifting option for you.

Flip-flop Hub

The majority of cheap fixie bikes on the market come with a flip-flop hub. A flip-flop hub is also referred to as a dual cog hub or a double-sided hub. These bicycle hubs allow the attachment of two sprocket sizes at either end.

This means you can ride your bike in either single-speed mode or as a fixed-gear bike. This allows you to change between different riding styles and speeds quickly and easily, depending on what you prefer at the time.

What’s more, if your single-speed setup is incompatible with your current rear sprocket, you can simply un-thread one cog and thread on another. If you’re existing sprocket has worn down.


Bikes are great for tooling around your city, they are fast and affordable compared to cars, but it is often hard to find the right bike that fits you and your budget.

The seat of cheap fixie bikes under 200 if you’re on a budget and want a good name brand then look no further than the Schwinn Men’s Phocus 1400 700C Drop Bar Track Fixie Bike.  When they say men’s, they are referring to your height, not your gender.  It is available in three sizes!  Small, medium, and large!

Fully lugged track frame with integrated rear brake cable, forged road dropouts, and track style fork; 1-piece crank;

Benefits of Cheap Fixie Under 200 dollar

If you’re into cycling and have a little bit of money to spend, then you might be considering spending that cash on a fixie. Maybe you’ve come across a few fixies priced around 200 dollars and are wondering if this is a good price range for you to go with. In my point of view, if you want to ride the bike comfort and easily, then choose the best one for your riding experience. A cheap fixie under 200 dollars will provide you service s its price.

Final Thoughts

You should buy a cheap fixie bike under 200 because it’s really worth spending more than $200. If you want to buy a cheap fixie then you have to pay some more to buy right now. You can find them everywhere and they are all quality products. I hope this article has helped you make your decision, but if it hasn’t or you want to know anything else about these bikes, please feel free to contact me.

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