Fixie Chain Noise What You Can Do

Fixie Chain Noise

Fixie chain noise is an irritating sound that occurs when the rear wheel of a fixie chain rotates. When you ride your bike and fix it with a chain, you may notice this annoying noise. Fortunately, you can easily eliminate this sound by adjusting the position of your rear wheel. When you are using a … Read more

Are Fixie Bikes Good for Exercise?

Are Fixie Bikes Good for Exercise

Riding a bike is a good way to get in some exercise and improve your fitness. There are different types of bikes, and the one you choose depends on what you plan to use it for. A fixie bike is great for riding around town and can even offer some health benefits. It’s often seen … Read more

How to Assemble a Fixie Bike

How to Assemble a Fixie Bike

Fixies are great for urban riding, but how do you keep your fixie wheels from slipping when you’re not rolling on the asphalt? It’s time to start assembling your fixie bike. Let’s dive into how to assemble a fixie bike. You’ll need some basic tools and knowledge before getting started. A fixed-gear bicycle (a.k.a. fixie) … Read more

Can I Put Brakes on a Fixie?

Put Brakes on a Fixie.jpg

When you ride a fixie, there is nothing to slow you down. This might be an asset when the pavement is smooth and the wind is behind your back, but it can also be your worst nightmare if you start losing traction on wet or slippery pavement. And if that’s not enough for you to … Read more

How to Ride Backwards on a Fixie

how to ride backwards on a fixie

Bikes are often seen as a means of transportation, but how many people really think about how much fun it is to ride them? Bicycles can be ridden forwards or backward. But how do you ride backwards on a fixie? It’s easy once the proper technique has been utilized. In this article, we are going … Read more

Are Fixies Good for Long Distance?

Are fixies good for long distance

Are fixies good for long distance or not? The straight answer for this question is- For cyclists who want to go long distances. There is no question that traditional bikes are the best choice. They are much more comfortable than fixie bikes and allow for a more natural way of riding. Fixies are also not … Read more

How To Make A Presta Valve Adapter

How To Make A Presta Valve Adapter

A variety of different tires use the Presta valve. These kinds of tires are popular because they are stylish and easy to find. If you have this type of tire, you may need a pump to fill it up. There are a lot of different kinds of pumps, so knowing what you need is important. … Read more

Benefits of a Fixie Bike

Benefits of a fixie bike

Some people may not know the benefits of a fixie bike, so this article will explore what makes fixie bikes so great. A fixie bike is a type of bicycle that does not have a freewheel and only has one gear. This means that riding a fixie bike is easier because you can pedal in … Read more