How to Make Your Fixie Bike Faster

6 Ways to Make Your Fixie Bike Faster

Fixies are great, but there is no denying that they can be a bit slow. If you’ve got one of these simple fixed-gear bikes, then you might want to consider how to make your fixie faster. In this guide, you will learn the main solution on how to make your fixie bike faster for your daily riding. Isn’t it cool? Now you can make your old fixie bike your new one. Let’s dive into this.


How to make your fixie bike faster?

Here we are sharing some important tips to make your fixie bike faster. Hope you understand these points and can achieve what you want.

1) Make sure your cassette is clean and the freehub is well lubricated

Fixies are really very simple machines. But how to make your fixie faster won’t come down to how you can maintain the drivetrain. The speed of a bike comes from its ability to transfer power from the rider into motion. And that all starts with how perfectly you can get it spinning.

For this free spinning, you need to clean your chain and lubricate it. If there is rust on your chain, but you want to spin it, and you are putting full power on the pedal. But as a result, it won’t work or can’t give your wheel that motion to make it faster. So, you have to clean and lubricate it.

To do this if you need to learn how to clean your bicycle chain and how to lubricate a bicycle chain. We discuss it on our next topic.

2) Add a cog and some strapping tape

It is the ultimate way to make your fixie faster. Just put on a simple single cog and strap it into place with some sturdy rubber strapping tape. This makes it easier for the freewheel to slip through the gap between the cog and frame, which in turn means it spins faster.

It’s how these bikes were originally designed so you can’t call this cheating!

3) Go loose on your bottom bracket bearing pre-load

By far the most effective tip involves adjusting how tightly your bottom bracket bearings are held in place. This is how mechanics make fast fixies, they tighten these bearings up to, effectively, strengthen how much power can be transferred through them.

You may need how to adjust the bicycle’s bottom bracket. But most likely you’ll just need to replace a bicycle’s bottom bracket.

4) Switch out how your wheels are built

This how to make your fixie faster tip is more about how you build. How many spokes are on your wheels, or how do you lace them up? These may not seem massively important but they’re surprisingly significant when it comes to how quickly a bike can roll forward.

You should check out how to true a bicycle wheel and how to rebuild a bicycle wheel.

5) Adjust how your rear cog is positioned

The position of your rear cog in relation to how the chain lines up with how in turn determines. How effectively you can transfer power from how to make your fixie faster. Making this change isn’t too tricky, but it’s worth playing around with this how to make your fixie faster. And how the position works for you.

6) Get some wider tires

Wider tires can help them grip more on the road, which is how they manage to transfer more power through the wheels and ultimately speed up. This is how a wider tire can make your fixie faster.

You’ll choose bicycle tires for how fast they are, but the more grip they have, the faster it will go with them on road.

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How to Make Your Fixie Bike Faster Infographic

How to Make Your Fixie Bike Faster
How to Make Your Fixie Bike Faster

Why is Your Fixie Slow?

There may be some technical reason that your fixie might be slow. Let’s discuss some points on this topic. Maybe it could help you to know what’s wrong with your bike. Here are some crucial points.

  1. Gear ratio must be haphazard: If your gear ratio is not right you can’t ride fixie faster. Though you put hard effort into your pedal. But you can’t go faster.
  2. Breaks might be dragging with wheels: There might be something that is not right on your bike and dragging your wheels back. It might be a wheel bearing or rusty chain. You can check it by turning your bike upside down. Then spin your wheel and observe how much time it takes to stop. Do the same for both wheels. Lubricate the chain and bearings if you find any obstacles on your bike.
  3. Riding posture: A poor posture riding can harm your body and also slow down your ride. To fix bad posture make sure your saddle is not too low. At this lowest position, your leg should be slightly bent. And if your seat is too low, you will get less power on the downstroke, and need more power on the upstroke.
  4. Check rear wheel: Another thing you can check is your rear wheel. If your rear wheel is rubbing with the frame, it could make your fixie slow.

Final Thoughts

That’s how to make your fixie faster. Hopefully, this how-to makes your fixie faster guide will help you out. Remember, how well you can maintain the drivetrain that will have the biggest impact on how quickly goes so always clean and lubricate the drivetrain regularly! Read it thoroughly and make your fixie faster as you can. But before doing any trick, just understand the whole thing clearly.

How fast does a fixed-gear bike go?

A fixed-gear bike can be the fastest bike if you are an expert on it. You can pass out any other bike with this. But you have to learn and know the process to ride it. It can give you 200rpm.

Is riding fixed gear harder?

As you know, it could be hard to ride at first. But when you get speed on your fixie, it will be easy to ride. And it has health benefits too. It will make your muscle stronger.

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