Best Fixie Bike Saddles

Best Fixie Bike Saddles Review + Buying Guide in 2023

A Fixie bike saddle is a type of bicycle saddle that is designed for use on a fixed-gear or single-speed bicycle. The design features an arch that looks like a banana and the underside of the arch is curved inwards to fit the user’s crotch area. In order to sit on a fixie bike saddle, one typically straddles the saddle from behind and places one leg over either side of the saddle. In this article, we are going to cover the best fixie bike saddles review. If you are interested in this topic, then read further.

If you are looking for something different to ride around on, a fixie bike saddle might be an option.



Best fixie bike saddles review

Here we are reviewing some best fixie bike saddles that have good features and benefits. If you want the best one for your bike, then read further.

Retrospec Fixed Gear Saddle

best fixie bike saddles
Retrospec Bicycles Saddle

This saddle is a great addition to any retro bike. It is a classic road style that resembles a lot of saddles from the ’50s and ’60s. I really like the padding on the saddle because it feels good to sit on for a long time. It is fairly cheap so if you are on a budget and want to make your bike look nice, this is a good choice. There is a single bolt at the front of the saddle which attaches it to the seat post. This is a good thing because it makes the saddle easier to adjust.

Retrospec Fixed Gear saddle is a classic road-style bicycle saddle. It is great for fixed gear, single-speed, track bikes, road bicycles, and all other kinds of bikes. It is padded for comfort. Available in 8 colors, it works with all Retrospec Bicycles and almost any other kind of bike or seat. This bicycle saddle also works fine on mountain bikes also. Highly recommended, especially for those who prefer a simpler, more affordable style of cycling.

Key Features

  • Comfortable and not a taint smasher
  • Awesome for the quality.
  • It is sturdy

Pros and cons

  • Good color and shape
  • Little uncomfortable in the beginning

ZHIQIU Color Bike Saddle

best fixie bike saddle review
ZHIQIU Colour Bike Saddle

This is a pretty good seat. It’s a little on the hard side, but then again it’s made of hard plastic. I got the white one and it is very easy to install. The lock nut can be a little hard to tighten but I just put an old tire lever between the seat and seat post and it works perfectly. This seat is also very comfortable and looks great.

I have always been a fan of bike riding, and have had this bike saddle for about half a year. Most of the reviews are positive. It is one of the best fixie bike saddles on the market.

Key Features

  • Super comfortable
  • Your pants won’t get stuck to it
  • Easy to install

Pros and cons

  • Move freely in riding
  • The thigh won’t be rubbed
  • Leather material is durable

    T. One Vintage Fixie Leather Seat Saddle

    T. One Vintage Fixie Saddle
    T. One Vintage Fixie Saddle

    It’s a great saddle. It’s a genuine leather saddle and it’s much less expensive than a Brooks Yeti saddle. The leather is a bit thin and you can feel the metal of the bike frame on the underside of the saddle. That’s obviously not a bad thing if you’re looking for a saddle that is thin and flat.

    If you want to buy and replace a standard saddle on your fixed gear. You can consider a leather saddle for extra comfort. But if you don’t want to pay the high price. This is an inexpensive version of a Brooks leather saddle, and it is great. It’s comfortable and provides a nice platform for riding. You may choose a different one if you want a more stylish and durable saddle.

    Key Features


    Easy to install

    Pros and cons

    • Durable
    • Not high-quality leather.

    Fenix EZ-Brass Button Fixie Saddle

    Fenix EZ-Brass Fixie bike saddles
    Fenix EZ-Brass

    You may be a little skeptical about buying this saddle. I also felt that. I have bought saddles in the past that looked really cool but didn’t work well. This is not one of those saddles. It looks really cool, the color is great and the price is really good. The only thing that I didn’t like about it was that it is a little heavy and loose, but I can live with that.

    This saddle was a perfect fit for my fixie bike, it looks classy and also matches the color of the frame. It is also comfortable and you can use it for long rides without pain. The saddle is fine. It’s a little heavy, but it doesn’t move around.

    Key Features

    • Vinyl top leather
    • Steel tube
    • Double round rails

    Pros and cons

    • Comfortable to sit
    • Stylish look
    • Little bit heavy

    Fenix EZ-250 Fixie Bike Saddle

    Fenix EZ-250 Bike Saddle
    Fenix EZ-250 Bike Saddle

    This bicycle saddle has been working great for all types of bikes. Various colors are available. The slick shape makes it great. It is not the most comfortable saddle, but little or no complaints from its users. Fits perfectly and so far so good with this saddle.

    This seat is firm enough to support and soft enough to cushion my back when I ride. I love the color. And I love the fact that it’s a fixie seat and doesn’t have a nose. I would definitely recommend this seat.

    Key Features

    • Tube is steel
    • Mount rail
    • Durable
    • PU foam
    • Vinyl top

    Pros and cons

    • Comfortable for back
    • Right color
    • Easy to install

      Why buy the best saddle for your fixie?

      A fixie bike saddle is an interesting addition to a bicyclist’s toolkit. One of the unique features of the best fixie saddle is that it doesn’t have any springs or padding under the rider. This minimalistic design makes for more comfortable rides, but can be dangerous if not properly adapted. A fixie bike saddle can be installed by anyone since they are easy to adjust.

      Types of Bike Saddles

      There are a lot of different styles of the best fixie bike saddles. How can you pick out which one is best for you? Here we are discussing some different types of bike saddles.

      Saddles vary greatly from the first time you sit on one until about a hundred bucks. They also have a huge range of shapes and widths that should fit your anatomy just fine. First off, let’s talk about the main differences between types of bike saddles.

      Traditional Bike Saddle

      Traditional bike saddles are what you see most often, and can be found on mountain, road, and fixie bikes equally. This saddle is usually a strip that has a little padding in the middle and an outer rim for support. These tend to come really cheap (less than 15 dollars) and are very durable. Traditional bike saddles have a wide fit, so even though they aren’t the most comfortable they should be fine with a little gel seat cover or something of that nature.

      Wide Bike Saddle

      These are just as tough as traditional saddles but have a wider cutout in the middle, meaning they will be a bit more comfortable and can accommodate wider pelvises.

      Gel Bike Saddles

      Gel saddles are usually found on comfort bikes or mountain bikes, as they have been made to reduce the pain from the vibrations that come from riding a bumpy trail. They usually have a wide base with gel inserts in key points for your sit bones, which makes them pretty comfy. But donkeys get these too (don’t act as if you’ve never seen a donkey riding a mountain bike!)

      Cruiser Bike Saddles

      Cruisers are great for short trips or casual riders who just want to cruise around and take it easy. With little support in the middle, your weight is distributed along the wide rim, allowing you to relax and enjoy yourself. These are usually slightly pricier than traditional or gel saddles due to their simple design.

      Limited Use Saddles

      There are also a lot of one-time-use bike seats that are made for special purposes. Touring saddles are similar to cruiser ones, but have a cutout in the middle that will fit a port on your rack if you’re touring/bike packing. Directional saddles are made for forward and reverse-facing bicycle seats, so if you have an older fixed-gear road bike this might work great.

      Girl’s Bike Saddles

      Women’s bikes have slightly different geometries to them, along with different fit measurements. Girls’ bikes usually have slightly shorter cranks and seats that are further forward. Other than this though, most other parts are the same as a guy’s (so try not to think too much about it).

      Kids’ Bike Saddles

      Children’s bikes also need comfortable seats, especially if they’re going to be sitting on them for longer periods of time. There are a few different styles that work out really well, such as traditional and cruisers. Though there are also some saddles made just for kids with special cutouts and comfortable gel inserts.

      How to know if an existing fixie bike saddle is good or bad

      If you have a bike saddle and you don’t know if it’s good or not, there’s a simple test that takes just a few minutes. First off, sit on the seat and try to find your pedals. Then take a sharpie marker and draw an X where your pelvis is sitting on the front of the seat, marking right where your sit bones go into the seat.

      Now that you have your X, take your hand and push it down on the back of the seat until it touches the X. If there was significant pressure put on your sit bones, then congratulations! It’s a good seat! But keep in mind this isn’t a guarantee, as some people might be more sensitive than others and put pressure on places other than their sit bones.

      If there wasn’t much pressure, then take your hand and push down on the back of the seat until it touches right next to your X (not on it). If you feel pressure here, then that’s still good! But if you feel nothing, it’s a bad seat. But again this isn’t guaranteeing anything so don’t get upset if you have a not-so-good saddle and still have no pain from riding on it!

      Things to Consider While Buying the Best Fixie Bike Saddle

      A bike saddle is one of the most important parts of your bicycle, yet picking out the right one can be one of the hardest. How do you know what to look for, and how much should you spend? Well follow along and we’ll show you how to pick out the best fixie bike saddles!

      It can be tricky to determine which one will work best for you. What do the different styles mean, and what features to consider?

      Here are some things to consider when purchasing the best fixie bike saddles.

      Riding style

      If you’re a recreational rider, chances are you’ll want to focus on comfort. A plush saddle is a way to go; look for one with lots of padding and gel inserts. If your commute requires more speed than comfort, or if you don’t plan on spending much time actually sitting on the seat, then you might be able to get away with a sleeker, minimalistic model.

      Types of bikes are you riding?

      If your fixie has an old or worn-out saddle that’s causing pain after every ride, it’s time for a new one. What kind of seat is currently on your ride? What style is it? Retro styles tend to be wider with a slight curve, while updated styles are slimmer, flatter, and have a rounded or pointed tip. What style matches what your bike currently has? It’s generally easier to replace the saddle with one that matches the original.

      What should you prioritize?

      Comfort is always important when it comes to your ride. However, another important aspect is the functionality of your new saddle. What features do you need? Materials, weather (i.e., hot, cold), or color that best matches your fixie and style?

      When it comes time to trade your old seat for a new one, these considerations will help you determine which features to prioritize, and which style will work best for your riding needs.

      What is the Difference Between a Saddle and a Seat?

      A fixie bike seat is a general term for a bicycle seat, usually attached to the frame via a clamp at the bottom. An alternative option is an adjustable or sliding seat post that attaches to a pivot point at the top.

      A fixie saddle (or simply “saddle”) does not refer to an everyday object, such as a bicycle seat. Instead, it is the term for the cycling saddle used on a fixie bike. Fixie saddles are characterized by their narrow width and cutout in the middle of the back part of the saddle.

      A common type of fixed gear bicycle, fixie saddles are widespread in the cycling community. Fixie saddles are commonly used to replace an old or worn-out saddle on existing road bikes, though they can also be fitted onto mountain bikes where certain styles of riding require less padding.

      Generally, a saddle will be less bulky than a seat. Fixie saddles also come in two styles: one with backs and one without.

      Benefits of a fixie bike saddle

      A fixed-gear bike is a simple machine that can be dangerous if you don’t know how to ride it. One of the most important safety items on your fixie is the saddle for your bicycle. Benefits of the best fixie bike saddles include increased comfort while riding, improved posture, better control over your ride, and increasing speed. Here we have listed some benefits of a fixie bike saddle. Here are some details about the benefits.

      Less strain on your back

      The best fixie bike saddles include less strain on your back while riding, better protection of your tailbone, and better posture. A fixie bike saddle is also beneficial for children to help decrease strain on their backs when riding.

      Sit upright

      When you ride with the proper form for your fixie bicycle, you should be sitting upright with both feet touching the pedals at all times. Benefits of a fixie bike saddle take advantage of this by allowing you to sit upright, rather than slumped over the handlebars.

      Maintain better posture

      The best fixie bike saddles also help you maintain better posture while riding because it encourages your feet to remain flat on the ground. The benefits of a fixie bike saddle are not limited to just protecting your back and tailbone though. It also includes being able to choose from many different styles, sizes, and colors that are available in the market today.

      Adds stability

      When you ride with your feet flat on the ground it adds stability when turning or stopping. Take advantage of this by keeping your feet firmly in place while riding. It is not limited to just stability though.

      Decrease pressure on your backside

      One of the most important benefits of the best fixie bike saddles is include decreased pressure on your backside, which can lead to better blood flow to the rest of your body! Bicycle saddles are perfect for any rider who wants to take their comfort, speed, and style to the next level.

      Some more benefits of the best fixie bike saddles

      • Allows you to ride the bike with ease
      • Is comfortable and padded
      • Helps you stay in control while riding
      • Comes in many different colors and designs
      • Allows serious riders to get off the ground
      • Helps keep your back straight

      Fixie bike saddle installation

      There are some tools you can use to install a new seat on your fixie bike. A screwdriver and wrench are necessities. You may also need to buy a special seat wrench. This process is not too complicated. It will take you no more than 20 minutes. Follow the steps below and you will have your new bicycle seat up and ready.

      1. Begin by removing the seat.
      2. Unscrew the frame.
      3. Use the wrench to remove the old seat.
      4. Use the screwdriver to remove the seat from the seat post.
      5. Place the new seat on the seat post.
      6. Tighten the screw
      7. Enjoy the new look of your bike!

      How to adjust your saddle height and position?

      The length of your femur (thigh bone) relative to your torso will determine where the correct place to set your saddle height is. Generally, bike fitters suggest that women should set their saddle height 4 cm below the length of their inseam. Men should set it level with the length of their inseam because a longer femur means a longer torso and more stability on the bike.

      How to find your correct saddle height?

      • Stand over your bicycle with one foot on the pedal at its lowest point (usually 3 o’clock).
      • Put a spirit level with one edge on the saddle and make sure it is perpendicular to the floor.
      • Have your friend look down from above and sight along the level to determine how far back your knee is bent when in the 3 o’clock position.
      • Use a tape measure to find the distance from the floor to this bend in your knee and subtract 2cm (almost 1 inch) from this number to get your saddle height.
      • Your saddle height should be measured with shoes on as well as barefoot, as shoes can make you appear up to 5cm taller.
      • If your saddle height is not right, it’s perfectly possible to raise or lower your saddle by undoing its mounting bolt(s) and moving the saddle slightly on each side of the seat post.
      • Take care not to round your bolts or else you could damage your frame.      
      • If you haven’t been able to get the perfect fit, consider using a professional bike fitter. This will ensure you set it up correctly and minimize the risk of getting too high/low a saddle height.

      Some Important Tips for Beginners?

      The width of your saddle is important as well. You want to feel comfortable, but not slide off the saddle. The tip of your saddle should be about 2cm behind your sit bones. 

      • Sit on your bicycle with one leg through the pedal cycle and relaxed over the top.
      • Set a spirit level on top of your sit bones and make sure it’s perpendicular to the floor.
      • Adjust your saddle width so that the inside edge of each saddle tip is level with the outside of your hip bone.
      • Repeat with both legs. If you find that one leg is more comfortable, tweak to suit.
      • Seat post clamp size can affect your saddle width – a longer seat post will give you more adjustment area, so if you have a choice, go for the longest one possible.
      • Adjusting your saddle height and width is best done with bare feet and before putting on your shoes.      
      • Test different lengths on the same bike you plan to ride.
      • If your stem is too short and you find yourself reaching too far, you can add spacers below the stem to lengthen it – again, be careful not to exceed the maximum stack height!
      • Try not to exceed 40cm in width – you will likely find this too wide for general riding.
      • Also, remember that there are different widths available, so if you find your bars are too wide or narrow, speak to a bike fitter about changing them.
      • If you are using drop handlebars with your road bike, the drops will need to be at least level with the top of the brake hoods when you are on the aero bars.
      • If your brake hoods are at 90 degrees to the ground, check that your handlebar height is 25cm from the top of your saddle.      

      Fixie bike saddle care and maintenance

      The fixie bike saddle is a more complicated and less talked about part of the bike than the brakes and gears. The saddle needs to be cleaned and oiled on a regular basis in order to maintain its integrity and make it last as long as possible. When riding, sweat and dirt can accumulate on the saddle making it slippery. To avoid accidents, take time to wipe down your seat before getting back on your bike.

      Many people overlook one of the most important bike parts: the saddle.

      The saddle is made out of a variety of materials, including but not limited to leather, synthetic fibers, or plastic. All of the different saddles have their advantages and disadvantages that are specific to your biking needs. It is important to know how to care for your saddle in order to ensure that you are getting the most out of it without compromising its integrity.

      Final Thoughts

      This is a good opportunity to get the best fixie bike saddles. You can get any of the saddles based on your comfort level. I would recommend you to get the saddle with the most comfortable materials. It will provide you with a smooth and great feeling while using it. You can get the right one by considering all these things. Hope you loved our blog. Having confusions? Just comment below. (Latest Updated).

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