Pursuit Bars vs Bullhorns

Pursuit Bars vs Bullhorns Compared With Pros & Cons

In this article, we will compare pursuit bars vs bullhorns bars. We will also discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Pursuit bars and bullhorns are two different types of bars used by cyclists when they are going through rough terrain. The pursuit bar is smooth and aerodynamic making it easier to ride and offering more control than the bull horn design.


Terms of Pursuit bars vs Bullhorns Handlebar

Pursuit bars

Pursuit Bars vs Bullhorn handlebars

There is a slight difference in the architecture of bullhorn bars and pursuit bars. There is a descending curve in their design which allows the rider to lower themselves and assume a more aerodynamic stance.

Bullhorns handlebar

Pursuit and Bullhorns handlebar

It is Almost similar to the horns of a charging bull, these handlebars have narrow widths and curved edges.

Difference Between Pursuit bars vs Bullhorns Handlebar

The main difference between bullhorns and pursuit handlebars is their shape. Bullhorns are shaped like traditional handlebars and have flat ends, while pursuit handlebars have tapered ends and are shaped more like a “U”.

Although they both serve the same purpose, bullhorns are made for going fast and are usually used by people who love to race on road. Meanwhile, pursuit handlebars are more comfortable to ride and are made for riding long distances.

Bullhorn handlebars look somewhat like a letter D and give the rider a more aerodynamic position when riding. The horn also provides an ideal hand position.

Bullhorns are most often seen on racing bikes, where a more efficient position is desired. Pursuit handlebars are flatter and feature a higher rise, which provides a more relaxed riding position.

The benefit of Using Pursuit Bars

There are many benefits to using pursuit handlebars. First, they’re ergonomic, meaning they provide a comfortable grip. Second, they give you a more powerful grip. Third, they help you steer with greater control, so you can respond to a situation in a snap. Finally, they are better for your wrist, hand, and forearm muscles and tendons. So, if you’re in the market for a new bike, and you want to ride safely, pursue handlebars!

The benefit of Using Bullhorn Handlebars

If you’re a cyclist or a sports enthusiast and you’re looking for ways to improve your performance, then you’ve come to the right place. Using bullhorn handlebars can be the answer for the type of comfort and efficiency you’re looking for. What is a bullhorn handlebar? The bullhorn handlebar is a modification to the standard straight handlebar. It is more ergonomic and appeals to the hand more than the standard straight handlebar.

Understand The Difference in User Interface for both Pursuit bars and Bullhorn Handlebars

Number of Hand Positions

  • Tops
  • Sides/Drops
  • Horns
Pursuit Bars vs Bullhorns

There are three different hand positions on both pursuit and bullhorn handlebars. The first is the classic grip. The second is for higher cadence and it involves putting your hands on the brake hoods. The last position is really only used for time trials.

These hand positions are also called top, drop, and horns.


Aerodynamics is a very important appeal to bicycle manufacturers. Bikes with aerodynamic handlebars, based on the position of the body, reduce drag and improve the efficiency of a cyclist.

There are two main aspects of aerodynamic riding. First, bullhorn bars put your arms in front of you, and having your arms leading the way will decrease the amount of wind resistance you’ll have. The next thing to do is to make sure the front of your bike is as smooth as possible. This will allow for the air to move smoothly over you. Remember the smoother the air moves over your bike, the less resistance it will have. The concept of aerodynamics can be applied to bullhorn handlebars.

Visibility In Traffic

it’s important to have visibility in traffic. One way to do this is by making sure you’re easy to spot and people are aware you’re there. Cyclists should make sure they use a bright color on their clothing in order to do this and they should also use high-visibility handlebars. A bullhorn is another good option and it makes it so that people don’t just look at whatever’s behind them when they’re operating a vehicle. They are responsible for stepping into the street and looking both ways.


Pursuit bars vs Bullhorn Handlebars Comparison of weight

Bullhorns Weight Pursuit Handlebars Weight
Cinelli Bullhorn Handlebar 285g Nitto RB-021 270g
BLB Bullhorns 220g Cinelli Mash 290g
BLB Pursuit Oversize 230g Modolo Q-Krono tIme trial 200g


There is no difference between the locations for mounting brakes on bullhorns and pursuit handlebars. By default, the horns are always visible. There is also a secondary location on the tops where you need to reverse-pull the brake levers.

Thus, both types of handlebars are functionally equivalent in this regard.


In order to avoid bottoming out the levers on bullhorns and pursuit handlebars, they can’t be used with road bike shifters known as brake-shifters.

When it comes to installation, shifters and brake levers on the pursuit bar and bullhorn handlebars are identical.

For both types, one has the following options:

  • Bar-ends shifters
  • Downtube shifters
  • tops shifters

Key Points Keep in Mind While Choosing Pursuit Bars vs Bullhorn Bars

  • Is it comfortable for you to reach the brake levers?
  • What does the style of your bike look like in combination with the bars?
  • Do the bars have a long or short reach?
  • Are the bars easy to install?
  • Are the bars made from durable material?
  • Does the reach of the bars have a wide range?
  • Can the reach of the bars be adjusted to fit your ride?

Things to Consider When Choosing Pursuit Bars vs Bullhorns Handlebar

When buying a bike, the handlebars you choose can either make or break the feel of your bike. Not only do they determine the shape and comfort of your ride, but they can also help you steer more effectively, which is especially important for pursuits like mountain biking.

While they come in different varieties, most handlebars can be categorized as Pursuit Bars or Bullhorn Handlebars. If you’re looking for a pursuit handlebar, also referred to as a drop handlebar, you’ll want to look for a bike that has them.

They’re long, flat bars that are closer to the ground and have a slight drop down to a more comfortable position. Pursuit handlebars are popular among road bikes because of their shape. Although you can use them on mountain bikes, they’re not as effective when riding off-road.

When choosing between pursuit bars or bullhorn handlebars, there is a lot to consider.

  • The thickness of the handlebars will affect how comfortable you are.
  • The pursuit bars are made of nylon and are usually less than half an inch in diameter.
  • The bullhorn bars are thicker and made of steel. Some riders may prefer the wider, sturdier feel and look of the bullhorn bars while others will prefer the slim, sleek feel of the pursuit bars.
  • To further customize your handlebars, you can add different grips, tape, or other accessories to create your perfect ride.

Final Thoughts for Pursuit Bars vs Bullhorns

In this blog, we analyze the basic differences between Bullhorns and Pursuit bars and help you pick the most suitable one.

When it comes to bullhorns or pursuit bars, there is not a one size fits all solution. It all depends on what you’re looking for. If you are looking for a way to change the angle of your steering wheel, then a pursuit bar is the choice for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for a supplement to your steering wheel and control arm setup to allow you to turn your steering wheel further, then a bullhorn is the option for you. In this Pursuit Bars vs Bullhorns handlebar, we have covered a lot of details. Hope this information will help you to choose between them.

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