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Best Fixie Bikes (2023) – Budget Bike Reviews

A fixie is a fixed-gear bicycle with no freewheel mechanism. Consequently, when one starts pedaling on the bike, the rear sprocket (or cog) causes movement not only from the pedals but also from the wheels. Almost all fixie bikes feature brakes. This requires the rider to stop turning the pedals and to apply force against them in order to stop the bike from moving. In this review of the best fixie bikes, we are discussing all the details about the fixie bikes.

We all know that a fixie is a type of single-speed bicycle that does not use a freewheel. Without the freewheel, the pedals are directly connected to the hub shell. A fixie lacks a freewheel mechanism on the rear wheel, so it has constant drive when coasting and cannot coast freely.


Best Fixie Bikes Review (2022)

Here we are sharing some top-class fixie bike reviews with you. Hope you will like them. We go through the deep reviews of each bike. Follow this article to choose the bike of your likeness. 

1- Schwinn Stites Fixie Road Bike (Best Fixie Bike)

Best fixie bikes
Schwinn Stites Fixie

This is not your typical commuter bike. But your quick ride to work. The Schwinn Stites Fixie Bike has a modern single-speed drivetrain with a versatile flip-flop hub. Which makes it convenient for commuting and varying terrain. You can now hop onto the cities for an exhilarating ride in any condition.

The performance will allow you to stay ahead of everyone else on the commute home. This bike features a Schwinn steel racing frame and fork offering agile rides on the pavement with high-profile alloy rims. They are light and strong providing the stability needed for heavy riding. This trendy beauty is available in multiple colors so now’s the time to be retro-cool.

Looking for an urban ride with personality? The Schwinn Stites fixie is perfect for you. With simple but sleek no-frills styling. This bike allows you to enjoy the open road while adding some character to your commute.

Key Features

  • Road Bike
  • Best for Adults
  • Suspension Type Rigid
  • Lightweight
  • Size 58cm
  • Color Multi
  • Frame Material Steel
  • Caliper Style Brake
  • Great fun on road
  • Best for adults
  • Commuter road bike
  • Low Brake Pad

2- P3 Cycles Single Speed Fixie Urban Bikes

P3 Cycles Single Speed bike
P3 Cycles Single Speed Fixie

The P3 Single Speed Fixie Bike is made to take on city streets. With 700 x 28 tires, this bike has the perfect balance of grit and style. The flip-flop hub allows you to either freewheel or rides fixed gear depending on your mood. It is made with steel forks for a more robust feel and a homemade family of parts.

This classic beauty will help you cruise through traffic with ease. Whether it’s beach time or work time. A P3 single-speed fixie urban bike height is L55 cm/5’7″ to 6′ size large black color all year round without breaking a sweat.

Bring out the natural man in you with this best fixie bike! An economical choice is to save money or get one’s feet wet by dipping their toes into biking. This single-speed urban bike is ideal for city cyclists. Designed with convenience for all-day riding. Nothing beats the simplicity of having just a single gear to change through while getting around town. Perfect your lines on turns and jumps while maximizing your efficiency on flat surfaces.

Key Features

  • Single Speed
  • High Tension Steel
  • 700 x 28 Inches Tires
  • Single Caliper Brake
  • Large bike
  • For Adults
  • Everyone loves this
  • Incorrect size chart

3- Golden Cycles Single Speed Fixed Gear Bike Review

Fixie bikes review
Golden Cycles Single Speed Fixed

This Golden cycle is made with steel frames and a comfortable saddle. This Fixed Gear Bike is both sturdy and comfortable. With 700 x 25 tires, this bike can explore any terrain you come across! Comes with an all-black color scheme. The stylish design of this bike will have heads turning as you ride it through town.

In addition to that, its headset comes with a sleek 1-1/8″ Neco headset handlebar for not only comfort but for style. This single-speed bicycle also includes pedals for each foot so no need to worry about bringing your own or getting lost in a sea of gears. The front caliper brake lets you stop on a dime without too much effort needed to make sure everything slows down.

This bike has it all. With front and rear brakes, you can easily stop when need be for sudden stops. Dawdlers crossing the road without looking both ways first. Or that pesky UPS truck on your favorite commute route who always seems to have a big old box blocking half the street. You’ll never feel bored cycling on this one of the best fixie bike, or you call it a speed machine!

Key Features

  • 1-1/8″ Neco Headset
  • Alloy custom bars
  • Crank Chainring
  • Bottom bracket
  • 68mm Sealed bearing
  • Sealed flip flop hub
  • Tires size 700c x 25
  • Easy stop
  • Headset
  • All Brakes
  • Need to be easy with tubes

4- Ciraci Fixed Gear Single Speed Road Bike

caraci road bike
Caraci Fixed Gear Road Bikes

The Caraci fixed gear bike is a uniquely designed single-speed road bike that has been around for over 15 years. The 1 piece, a 4130 butted aluminum frame tube provides a precise and comfortable ride. It is equipped with Kenda 700c x 25mm tires. 50mm wide riser bar in black matte or silver metallic finishes! This fast-shipping bicycle comes 85% assembled with the parts you need to finish up including pedals and assembly tools.

It is a great quality combination of aero shape forks and deep V rims. The bike includes a flip flop hub which means it has no gears. But the speed can be changed by how hard you pedal. These bikes are high in tensile strength making them lightweight and durable at the same time! They have various colors to choose from that also come in unique details.

Key Features

  • Unique design
  • Strength tensile
  • Easy to assemble
  • Aluminum frame
  • Solid fixie bike
  • Good value of price
  • Better for commuting

5- 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Bike

6KU Aluminum Fixie
6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear

This lightweight aluminum fixie is a smooth, economical ride with a flip-flop hub. That lets you choose between riding fixed gear or freewheel. It includes front and rear brakes for stopping power.

Build your own 6KU bike to get that perfect fit! The S-6 is a fully stripped-down cruiser with a 100% aluminum frame and fork. And if you’re looking for something cool but practical, try out the Fixie. It comes with everything included which is needed in the best fixie bikes. So no need for a toolkit. Made of ultra-light yet durable material. This unique commuter can be easily ridden in any weather by anyone from the novice to seasoned rider. It’s time to find your dream bike today!

Key Feature

  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Unique commuter
  • Flip-flop hub
  • Tools included
  • Best for adults
  • Aluminum frame
  • V-walled wheel
  • Loose ball bearings in some cases

Benefits of The Best Fixie Bikes

There are so many benefits to the best fixie bikes. Many people say that they are better than other bikes because you own everything on the fixie bike. It is simpler and lighter than multi-geared bikes, but sturdier than single-speed roadsters. Here we are listing some benefits of a fixie bike.

  • Fixies are very cheap compared to other bikes with similar components.
  • Simple, with no shifters or derailleurs to maintain.
  • If you are the type of person who likes to show off your biking skills this is an awesome bike to do so on.
  • The fixie bikes are very easy to customize(paint/handlebars/wheels) and riders enjoy personalizing their bikes.
  • They are very easy to transport.
  • They are great for biking in the city because you can dodge cars and pedestrians much more easily than other bikes.
  • The types of fixies with brakes make it harder to stop quickly, but this is compensated by their lighter weight. You’ll still be able to stop fast enough to dodge that bus or taxi.
  • If you have a fixie without brakes, stopping quickly is much harder but still not impossible.
  • They give you great exercise opportunities, especially if your commute takes in hills and windy roads.
  • Fixies are well designed, and simplicity often really is the best design.

As you can see fixies have many benefits that make them great bikes. They are also very good bikes for beginners because of their simple design. And the fact that they require less maintenance than other types of bikes. Though if you plan on using your fixie in a city (without brakes). It is important to take into account such issues as limited stopping distance and weaving in and out of traffic.

Are Fixed Gear Bikes Worth Buying?

So many people are asking, is the fixed-gear bike vs single speed worth buying? And my answer is that depends on your preferences. If you’re experienced in cycling, then fixie bikes are for you. Fixed gear bikes can be tuned to perform unbelievably well when they’re in good condition.

Fixed gears are also very easy to ride because of their smooth pedaling motion. It also has better braking systems compared to single speeds. Fixed gear bicycle wheels or cogwheels turn together with the pedals, so there’s no coasting or freewheel action required.

Just pedal around and make sure you pick up speed before hitting a hill. If not, get ready to walk your uphill! Because of this, fixed gear bikes are great for commuting and casual rides. Fixed gear bikes can also wheelie easily, so be careful! These bikes are lightweight because of the absence of a chain derailleur system. It has no other parts that get in the way when you’re riding it.

Why Choose The Best Fixie Bikes

There are some common reasons to choose fixie as your daily life vehicle. Everyone wants to choose the best fixie bikes for them. Let’s have a look at some important features of a fixie.


The simplicity of the best fixie bikes. Some people think that simplicity is having the fewest number of features, while others think it’s not being complicated or complex. Everyone wants something “simple” whether they realize it or not. Fixies are simple in design, riding, and every other component.


The price range of a fixie bike is in the range of every bike rider. A simple fixie bike can cost under $200 to $500. Fixie bikes also have great materials and features like any other bike. Fixie bikes are sturdy, durable, and have low maintenance costs. As the name suggests, they are available in fewer parts than other types of bikes. Price is the most important reason that people want to buy fixies.


For example, the weight of the dirt road fixie is 22 pounds whereas the weight of a foldable bike is 24 pounds. The weight of the fixie frame is 9 pounds whereas the foldable fixies are coming with a 9.5mm diameter frame which makes it more sturdy and rigid, ideal for high-speed riding on rugged terrains.


Most people want to ride fixies for personal fitness only. They want to use it as fitness equipment. If you are a fitness-conscious person then surely you can buy the best fixie bike for your daily exercise.

Winter Riding

Winter is one of the worst times to ride a bike. Snow and ice, cold temperatures, and wind all make riding a real challenge in most locations. However, there are ways you can prepare yourself and your Bicycle for Winter Riding. So that Winter does not have to be such an ordeal.

The first thing for Winter riding with a fixie bike is that the fixed-gear drivetrain offers greater control than freewheel bikes in slippery conditions. Because of their lack of coasting – which doesn’t exist on fixed-gear bicycles – the pedals keep rolling when they’re supposed to, improving traction and stability when you need it most.

Winter riding with a fixie bike also recommends using studded tires if possible. Studded tires create more surface area with the road, improving traction in Winter conditions.

Winter riding recommends using Winter Gloves, Boots, clothing, and Winter bicycle gearing to make it easier to go uphill when the weather turns treacherous. One option is a 36 tooth chainring and an 18 tooth cog (or smaller) for mountainous terrain and snowy roads.


When you pedal forward on a fixie bike, the pedals will continue to rotate forward. This way it allows for much less maintenance than standard bikes. There’s no chain to oil or grease and very few parts in general. So there’s nothing much to maintain except routine cleaning and minor adjustments such as tightening screws every once in a while.

The maintenance of the fixie bike also includes low running costs. You can do all the maintenance yourself with just an Allen key set and some WD-40, which makes it cheap to run compared to other bicycles. Because professional servicing isn’t needed every once in a while. Maintenance is just one out of many benefits that come with the best fixie bikes.

What to Look for When Buy the Best Fixie Bike?

There must be something to consider when buying the best fixie bikes. It can be anything that you like on your bike. It is up to you, what you want to choose. But there are some key points to consider when you want to buy the best fixie bikes for you. We are sharing some points about what you need to check while buying fixies.

Frame Design

In most cities around the world, bicycles without gears and no brakes seem somewhat strange vehicles. Even when they don’t look different from other city bikes. Of course, both of these are not really needed because fixies are used mostly for short trips around the city.

Despite this fact, looking at them you can tell they are something more than normal bicycles. Their design is much simpler and it’s possible to see that fixie bikes have only one speed which makes them different from other bikes that have multiple gears. The frame design of the fixie bike is very simple but stylish. You can check out the pictures above.

Also, there is no derailleur on a fixie – the gear ratio depends only on the sprocket sizes and number of teeth – whether your bicycle has eighteen or fifty teeth on its sprockets will determine if you have an easier or harder ride

The frames of these bikes are different from others as well – they usually don’t have a lot of curves and look more rigid. So, what makes this simple bicycle so interesting to the people who love biking? Hope you got the answer.

Wheels of a Fixie Bike

Wheels on fixies usually have a solid hub and the driver is directly connected to one side of the rear wheel. All-black bikes with simple parts are becoming quite popular because they look good. Fixies do require some special knowledge since there is no mechanism for free-wheeling – if you stop pedaling, both pedals will keep rotating forward!

When deciding which wheels to use on your fixie bike, you want something sturdy enough to handle abuse. And stylish enough to fit in with your blacked-out aesthetic. Also flat-resistant, so you don’t run the risk of getting a flat. Wheels from Archetype, Deep V, and Velocity are among the most popular to choose from. Sealable bearings provide superior durability and fewer maintenance requirements.  

The Wheels You Can Use

  • Archetype 500 Wheels (32 holes)
  • Archetype 451 Wheels (36 holes)
  • Deep V Havoc Wheels (32 holes)
  • Velocity Cliff Hanger Wheels (32 holes)

Chain width of a Fixie

Chain width of fixie bikes are differing between brands and models. But it still doesn’t affect the performance. Chain width does not directly affect your riding experience. However, choosing the right size might be difficult for cyclists who are new to this kind of cycling.

The most common types of chains used for fixies are 1/2″ chains (also known as single-speed chains). They can handle torque very well and maintain even tension across all gears.

Chain width and cog

You will need a special link to connect the chain together when you change your cog or add a front brake. The good thing about these kinds of bikes is that you can use any kind of chain with a standard 1/8″ (3.18mm) width. The chain width used for derailleur bikes is 5 mm. So the cog should be replaced with one that has the same width. Otherwise, you will need a special link to connect them together.

Chain width and frame

Larger chains may require bigger dropouts on their frame or fork. For example, some track-style bikes have vertical dropouts. Which won’t let you install a wider chain. Because it won’t fit inside the dropout slots.

Even though there are no limitations regarding chain size. It’s always better to choose a smaller size in order to maintain proper tension. Chain tension is very important because it keeps the chain from jumping off the cogs, especially when you are pedaling hard.

Chain width and hub size

You can choose any width of a chain if you have a matching hub with the right number of holes for your cog set. Most fixie bikes have three-piece cranksets which use cotter-less style crank bolts. So they will fit on almost every bike frame.

Chain width and internal vs external hubs

Internal hubs usually need special chains that have riveted links, but this doesn’t mean that standard chains won’t work. The only difference is that standard ones will be noisier since they might rattle against derailleur cage or dropouts.

Chain width and durability

Unlike derailleur bikes, fixie bikes usually have shorter chainstays. This means that it is easier to damage them in case of a crash. Chain width does not affect how durable they are. But you could go for a smaller size if you want it to last longer. However, this might result in the chain falling off when going uphill.


I have been riding a fixie for about a year now. And I can tell from experience that there is no braking system on a fixie. Which is more suitable for a fixie than the disk brakes.

There are two types of this brake: hydraulic and mechanical/linear pull.

Braking with a disc requires some practice. Because it has to be done slightly differently. When it is compared to the caliper-brake-based bikes. Braking by taking off your foot from the pedal will not work with this type of bicycle. Only depressing the pedal will put pressure on disk brakes. Braking using both sources is another kind of art that needs some time to get used to it.

Braking with a fixie requires you to use your body weight as well as the cycles’ own momentum. And it is easier to control both sources with a disk brake. Brake levers for this type of bicycle are usually designed with a trigger. This enables braking force amplification by squeezing fingers together rather than bending them backward.


A bicycle is a pedal-driven land vehicle. Pedal bicycles were introduced in the 19th century and remain most popular for human propulsion. It is providing a flexible transport system with a lower overall energy cost than others. Such as walking or using a motorized bicycle. Pedaling moves the chain which moves the back wheel.”

Pedals are usually flat platform discs or fitted with toe clips as required by their cycling sports application. Pedaled bicycles also have ‘clipless’ (or toe-clip) compatible road racing shoes that clip into dedicated notches or grooves on the pedals themselves. If you want to choose the best fixie bike, first, look at the quality of the pedal. It is the most important part of a fixed gear bike.

Drivetrain and Gearing

A fixie lacks a freewheel mechanism – therefore, when the rear wheel is turning so are the pedals. This has certain consequences.

That being said, there are a few options to gear a fixie up beyond having just one gear. There are internal hubs, there are Rohloff’s 14 hubs which you can replace your rear wheel with. And there’s always the option of having a flip-flop hub on which you can run multiple gears.

How to gear up/down a Fixie Bikes?

A fixie is going to have either a single-speed or a fixed gear – both of which are going to make it difficult to adjust your gearing. A single-speed will simply change the size of your chainring while a fixed gear will need to be replaced with an alternative cog. The most common way however is having at least one cog with an internal track.

This means that if you find yourself grinding too many times down the hill. You’ll know it’s time for an upgrade! Another option would be getting a flip-flop hub that allows you to run multiple gears on your rear wheel.

How to switch between gears on a fixie bike?

To gear up: add a larger cog, or replace the existing one with a larger one. So that it meshes better with your chainring.
To gear down: Add a smaller cog, or replace the existing one with a smaller one so that it meshes worse (useful for high speed)!

What is “cog swapping”?

When riding the same wheel size, you can adjust the number of teeth on each cog in order to get more/less resistance while pealing. However, this isn’t advised

Final Thoughts

This is the end of this best fixie bikes review. Hope you got benefited from this. We have covered some top-rated fixie bike reviews and an ultimate buying guide for a fixie. In short, this article is a package of all the information about fixie. If you have any questions about this, feel free to comment below. (Latest Updated).

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