700c Thruster Fixie Bike Review

700c Thruster Fixie Bike Review

The 700c thruster fixie bike is an amazing speed machine. It comes equipped with light rails that are compatible with the 12mm front and 20mm rear brakes. This fixie bike is great for those who like to race or ride through rough terrain. Also perfect for getting around town at high speeds. In this kent 700c thruster fixie bike review, we will cover everything about this bike.

This 700c thruster fixie bike comes equipped with a front and rear cassette of 12-speed. A high-quality aluminum alloy makes the wheels of the 700c thruster fixie bike light. The aluminum alloy wheels are durable and will not rust.

The 700c thruster fixie bike is equipped with a high-performance geared hub that has a bevel gear axle. This makes the 700c thruster fixie bike a high-performance machine. The foldable handlebars of the 700c thruster fixie bike make it easy to travel with.



Kent 700c thruster fixie bike review

Kent 700c thruster fixie bike review
Kent 700c thruster fixie bike review

In a world where most bicycle styles are road bikes, the 700c thruster fixie bike has been a pioneer for style and innovation. 700c thruster fixie bikes have a long wheelbase and a short rear wheel. They have a flip-flop hub so you can ride on one side or the other for time on a track. The front wheel has a front brake and a single gear. Let’s get into the detailed overview of this kent 700c thruster fixie bike review.

With fewer bikers on the road in the last couple of years, bikes have taken a major hit. However, this decline in numbers has been easing up, indicating that more people are biking again for health and/or economic reasons. One type of bike that is becoming more popular is the 700c thruster fixie men’s bike. This bike is said to be safer and more responsive than a traditional bike.

Frame Design

The kent 700c thruster fixie bike features a very sleek and modern design. The frame design is what makes this bicycle so one of a kind. The linear steel frames with a matching fork are the perfect complement to the simple yet stylish build. The 700c frames are designed to accommodate any rider with a wide range of gears.


A Kent 700c thruster fixie bike is a type of fixed gear bicycle that features rear and front geared rings. Cyclists who enjoy fast fixies or competitive fixies have adapted the style of the bicycles and made their own designs from the parts.

Among the many things that make the Kent 700c thruster fixie bike stand out from the crowd is its gearing. While many users report that it is sturdy enough to support them in their racing endeavors.

Larger gears have come to be the standard on recent ride-sharing dockless bikes. More recently, there has been a movement to bring back the fixie bike. Fixie is a bike that does not have the ability to “freewheel” – with many bike riders choosing to not use gears.


This kent 700c thruster fixie bike incorporates 18-inch racing alloy double-wall rims and Kenda puncture-resistant tires.

A fixie bike is a type of bicycle that was created by removing all of the extra parts of a common bicycle. As a result, the only part of this fixie bike is a wheel. In most cases, the wheels are 700 centimeters, which is about 29 inches.

700c wheels are lighter and faster on hard surfaces, which is why it is recommended for racing bikes. 700c wheels are more expensive, however, but you’ll ride faster with less effort. The ultimate choice is yours, but here are some more facts about 700c wheels for you to consider.

Spinning the wheels on a 700c thruster fixie men’s bike has never been easier with the help of Rideau Cycles’ mechanics. They use an old-fashioned J-tool to loosen the nuts and replace the spokes as needed. Physically spinning the wheel can reveal loose, worn or broken spokes, as can listening for ringing noises or observing movement and tension of the rim.


The crankset of a 700c thruster fixie bike is all about efficiency. With the pedals at the bottom of the bike, you won’t get more momentum than with any other bike setup. Fixed-gear means you always have to pedal. As a result, the crankset looks identical to a mountain bike crankset or a track racer’s bike, with a one-piece crankset.

With a 6-speed Shimano Claris crankset, the Kent 700c thruster fixie bike can take you to any destination at your chosen speed. A couple of years ago, the vintage, single-speed bikes were all the rage, but now they’re slowly making way for the popular 700c thruster fixie men’s bike.


The chain is an element that is vital to the function of a bike, and not just because it drives the hub. If this part is worn, it can cause other components to wear more quickly.

The chains of a 700c thruster fixie bike are essential to the functionality of the bike. When it is impossible to install gears on a bike, there are still ways to get more speed out of the bike. Bike enthusiasts who prefer the finer things in life would be willing to add a chain guard and chainring guard to protect the bike’s chain. This can get damaged easily due to its design and position on the bike.


If you like looking for the best thruster fixie bike, but worry about the handlebar size, check out the 700c models. These handlebars tend to be narrower and won’t make the rider’s torso as parallel to the ground as a shorter handlebar.

It is the best fixie bike for beginners because the handlebars are set at a lower height for ease of steering. The bike has no chain, chainring, or gears, but it does have brakes. Inexperienced riders do not need to worry about what to do if the bike’s momentum causes them to move too fast. For experienced riders who are looking for a low-cost bike, this is a great option.

There are a few major adjustments cycling enthusiasts can make when they become bored with their bikes’ handling. One of the most common modifications made is to lengthen the handlebars on a fixie bike.

Extra Features of Kent Thruster 700C Men’s Fixie Bike

  • The handlebars are equipped with a magnetic brake lever that is easy to use.
  • Wide front and rear tire helps the 700c thruster fixie bike to handle different terrains.
  • Quick release wheels give it excellent maneuverability.
  • It comes with two rear fenders.
  • 700c thruster fixie bike are made from disc brakes.
  • It has easily adjustable seat.
  • The 700c thruster fixie bike comes with a round chain ring.
  • This fixie bike has a 17-speed chain.
  • Weigh is 8.3 kg.
  • Come with headlight.

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Is Kent 700c thruster fixie bike worth buying?

If you’re looking for a high-performance fixie, the 700c wheel size should be your first consideration. The wheel size is quite popular because it provides better traction, easier maneuverability, and can accommodate more speed.

700c thruster fixie bike is not for everyone. If you want low maintenance, low frills bike which they can ride hard as it suits them. Often used as a commuter bike or as a city bike to whip around town with friends, the bike’s design is popular among bike enthusiasts. If you want these on a bike then surely you can buy this fixie bike. In this kent 700c thruster fixie bike review, we have covered everything that you want to know about it. Hope you can easily confirm that, is it worth buying or not.

Pros and cons 700c thruster fixie bike

  • Wheel size is around 700-millimeters in diameter.
  • Less expensive to get one than other bikes
  • 7 speeds gear transmission
  • Easy to change gears
  • Price is affordable
  • Small, light, fast
  • Difficult to go up hills
  • Pedaling for you is easy to not keep up with the speed of the pedals
  • It is more expensive than 5 speeds.
  • Have more problems with the gear stick sticking or sticking up.
  • Can only travel at most 3 miles without changing gears.

Benefits of 700c thruster fixie bike

  • You can change gears.
  • Low risk of parts stolen.
  • Less likely to crash.
  • More confidence when you ride in traffic.
  • Less need to fit toe clips.
  • Comfort when riding all day.
  • More comfortable to ride around town.
  • Lower maintenance cost.
  • Less risk of accidents.
  • Longer range.

Final Thoughts

At last, we can say that you can know every single detail of a 700c thruster fixie bike. We tried our best to give everything in this 700c thruster fixie bike review. Hope you like it and make your own decision as that is why you want to buy this bike. See you next. If you are stuck on anything, just leave a comment. (Latest Updated).

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