Ebike Motor Noise Under Load – Reason/Solution

ebike motor noise under load

The growing popularity of electric bicycles (e-bikes) has opened up a world of new possibilities for transportation and recreation. However, one common complaint among e-bike riders is motor noise under load. While this noise is relatively normal and not a cause for concern, it can be disruptive to the peace and quiet of certain environments. … Read more

Best Fixie Tires in 2023 with Buying Guides

Best Fixie Tires

A fixie bike tires are a type of bicycle tire with no valve stem. Fixie bike tires are popular among bicycle enthusiasts who prefer the simplicity and stability of a fixed gear. Compared to traditional mountain bike tires, fixie bike tires offer a softer ride. Making them better suited for low-speed commuting or leisurely rides … Read more

Best Fixie Helmet Reviews with Ultimate Guide

Best Fixie bike helmets

Some cyclists may be inclined to think that going without a helmet is the better choice. However, this isn’t always a practical response to dangerous activity. To minimize the risk of injury, a cyclist should choose the best fixie helmet. Not only will it provide head protection, but it will also help the person look … Read more

Vuelta Fixie Crankset Review

Vuelta Fixie Crankset Review

A Fixie bike crank is the single most important part of a fixie bike. Fixie bike cranks are a distinctive feature of this type of bike. A Fixie bike crank is a bicycle crank used on a bike that has only a single gear. The term is an abbreviation of the term “fixed gear”. Fixie … Read more

Best Beginner Fixie Bike with Tips

Best Beginner Fixie Bike

For those of you not familiar with the term, a fixie is a freewheel single-speed bicycle. What does that mean? It means that there is no freewheel mechanism. The pedals are directly attached to the rear wheel. You can’t coast on a fixie, once you start pedaling the gears or the wheel is moving. You … Read more