Best Fixie Tires in 2022 with Buying Guides

Best Fixie Tires

A fixie bike tires are a type of bicycle tire with no valve stem. Fixie bike tires are popular among bicycle enthusiasts who prefer the simplicity and stability of a fixed gear. Compared to traditional mountain bike tires, fixie bike tires offer a softer ride. Making them better suited for low-speed commuting or leisurely rides … Read more

700c Thruster Fixie Bike Review

700c Thruster Fixie Bike Review

The 700c thruster fixie bike is an amazing speed machine. It comes equipped with light rails that are compatible with the 12mm front and 20mm rear brakes. This fixie bike is great for those who like to race or ride through rough terrain. Also perfect for getting around town at high speeds. In this kent … Read more

Best Beginner Fixie Bike with Tips

Best Beginner Fixie Bike

For those of you not familiar with the term, a fixie is a freewheel single-speed bicycle. What does that mean? It means that there is no freewheel mechanism. The pedals are directly attached to the rear wheel. You can’t coast on a fixie, once you start pedaling the gears or the wheel is moving. You … Read more