Best Budget Fixie Crankset

Best Budget Fixie Crankset Review

A crankset is one of the most important parts of your bike. It is essentially the center on which the chain is attached to your pedals. And an axle that connects the pedals to the frame of the bike. It is made of different components each having a different function. This blog will explain what a crankset is, what its different parts are, and how to use it. We are going to discuss the best budget fixie crankset and all other information about this. Hope you find this helpful.

A fixie crankset is what the cranks are called on a fixed gear bike. They might also be called “track” cranks or just “cranks.”


Best Budget Fixie Crankset Review

This article will review 5 of the best budget fixie crankset and cheapest options for your fixed gear/single speed bicycle. Each one is designed to fit common bottom brackets and has received good reviews from customers.

CYSKY Single Speed Crankset

best budget fixie crankset
CYSKY Single Speed Crankset

The quality of this crankset is very impressive and the price is quite reasonable compared with other crank arms. It looks sturdy and strong, and lightweight too. It will be a perfect choice for my single-speed bicycle. I will test it on the road and let you guys know how it goes later.

The construction and materials are excellent, I’m very impressed with the smooth lines, neat welding, and gorgeous finish. The crankset is very easy to install and the instructions are very clear. The best part about this is that it is made of quality material and it’s very affordable. I will definitely recommend this to anyone who needs the best budget fixie crankset.

The pedal size of this crankset is 9/16, and the chain size is ½”. Good for fixie bikes and track bikes also.

Key Features

  • Crank Arm Length: 177mm
  • Pedal size: 9/16″.
  • Single speed chain size: 1/2″ X 1/8″
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Teeth: 48T

GANOPPER 48T Single Speed Fixie Crankset

GANOPPER best budget fixie crankset
GANOPPER Single Speed Fixie Crankset

The quality of this is amazing. This is a great crankset for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on a new bike but still gets the high quality and unique design of a new bike. I recommend this crankset for anyone who wants to upgrade their bike.

It’s great quality, easy to install and the price was just right. I would recommend GANOPPER 48T Single Speed Road Bike Track Fixie Crankset. It has a 170mm 130BCD 5 Armcrank for anyone looking to buy a new bicycle crank.

I wanted to build a track bike and it would be a single speed. Then I looked around at all the options and decided on the Ganopre 48t single-speed road bike track fixie crankset. It was exactly what I needed to build my track bike. The price was right and I love the way the bike rides. The crank is lightweight, durable, and has a great look to it.

Key features

  • Crankset chain size: 1/2″ X 1/8″
  • Color: Multiple
  • Chain line: 43mm
  • Easy to refit
  • Fit for all type of bikes
  • Crankset length: 170mm

CYSKY MTB Single Speed Crankset

best budget fixie crankset
CYSKY MTB Single Speed Crankset

This is a good crankset for my single-speed bike. I was looking for a crankset that wasn’t too long, and this was one of the few I could find. I would have preferred the chainrings to be black to match my chain. But I haven’t ridden my bike yet so I’m not sure how it will look with the silver chainring.

It was very easy to install and very easy to adjust. I’m a very satisfied customer! It replaced a smaller one, and it weighs less than the smaller one. I have had no problems with it so far. Currently working on upgrading my bike, and this product is on the list.

This is a great crankset at a great price. The instructions are clear and easy to understand. The crank arms are made from high-quality aluminum that is sturdy and lightweight. The teeth do not slip or come off when I ride and there is a smooth clicking sound when the pedals are engaged. The black shade of the crank arms and chainring matches the rest of the bike. I have had no issues with this crankset.

Key features

  • Teeth: 58T
  • Crank arm size: 170mm
  • Pedal and chain size: 9/16″,1/2″ X 1/8″
  • Aluminum
  • Fit for all type of bikes.

SENQI Fixed Gear Crankset

single speed fixed gear crankset
SENQI 46T Crankset

These cranks are great! Weighs less than my other set and cranks even easier. I am very impressed with this product. Originally, I wanted to buy a set of cranks with a smaller chainring, but they were really expensive. I found these and bought them. They are a little cheaper than the other ones, but still, work great.

They are very light and they spin very easily. Excellent quality, very nice looking and the price is very reasonable. I bought these for my single-speed bike build. They look great and the price was very reasonable. I was concerned about the weight, but that’s not an issue. I’m very satisfied.

They were very easy to install and are really light. The base color is a very nice gray and the anodized red looks wonderful. They are very smooth on the bottom bracket and pedals. They came with the spacers needed. I have the 46t chainring, which does make it pretty tall, but the chain line is perfect for my track hubs. I was surprised that it was so well priced for a product that is so good.

Key Features

  • Easy to install
  • Used in all type of bikes
  • Aluminum
  • Fits perfectly
  • Great price

BUCKLOS Mountain Bike Single Speed Crankset

BUCKLOS Single Speed Crankset
BUCKLOS Single Speed Crankset

The product is a solid crankset for bikes. It fits my bike just fine. I exchanged the chainring for a narrow/wide one because I like the look of it and also because I will not be using the bike for anything but a single speed.

This crank itself is a bit on the heavy side but the crank arm is light. I use these for a single-speed bike which I have set up for commuting and it works great. The chainring is very nice and I would highly recommend it. I have had no issues with it at all and I have been using it for almost a year now.

It is perfect for my Singlespeed MTB, it only comes in one size, but the chainring is big enough. It is still good quality and solid enough.

Key features

  • Narrow teeth
  • Multiple sizes
  • Arm length: 170mm
  • Free delivery in USA

A few facts about fixie cranksets

  • They do not have chain rings, so they cannot be indexed to any specific cog in order to provide an optimal gear ratio.
  • They are usually made of aluminum or steel, but other materials like carbon fibre can be found.
  • The crank arms on a fixie crankset should be nearly the same length as the frame (measured from the center of the bottom bracket to the center of the top).

Fixie cranksets have no chainrings, so pedaling motion is most commonly associated with “granny gear,” since they only have one gear. That means there is only one resistance level you can pedal at – the hardest possible.

Amateur racers sometimes use fixie cranksets to practice their form because it forces them to pedal in a smooth circular motion, but most recreational cyclists do not enjoy riding on fixie cranksets because of this.

There are three main types of fixie cranksets


These are what the vast majority of fixie bikes use. They have no markings for crank length, and sometimes you can find an adjustable bottom bracket so you can change the crank length to what is best for you.


These have a removable spider arm that attaches to the inside of the crank arms. And each arm has markings showing what cog it should be paired with for optimal gearing. These are used on track bikes that do not have brakes.


In addition to having a “chain guard” and a crank that is similar to a track crank, these bikes do not feature a bottom bracket called a “track.” These are mainly used for road racing.

There are three main styles


These typically have a single bolt hole per arm. When you remove the pedals, there is what is called a “cotter pin” that goes through to keep it from falling out.

these have what looks more like what you would see on a mountain bike pedal. These are what is sometimes called “ISIS” or just “M8.”


These have what a lot of people think is a “stepped” design that goes into what looks like an oversized axle.

A fixie crankset is usually the first thing to be installed on a fixie hub. A good crankset should be durable, should not give up under load, and certainly should not bend easily.

Generally, things like stiffness play an important role while buying things for fixed gear bikes or track bikes. Riders often try very hard things to find things that are stiff. Because things like stiffness make things far more stable and it reduces the chances of broken things.

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What makes things so stiff?

Road bikes have aluminum or carbon fiber cranksets because both these materials are highly rigid. The bicycle industry has developed up to a greater extent in recent years. As things are developing, makers are cutting down to the lowest possible price without compromising stiffness. So it is common for fixie cranksets or track cranksets to be made of aluminum alloy with very thin walls which provides strength while being inexpensive.

Aluminum alloys are becoming more preferable than products made of carbon fiber. However, things like carbon fiber are still preferred by those who can afford it. Because it is made out of this material provides a lighter weight and better feel.

Makers mostly use Aluminum alloy as they can be produced in an inexpensive way and like hollow crank arms with less wall thickness also keep it light.

While things like carbon fiber are good, things get complicated when things are thin enough to flex. So it is often very important for made of carbon fiber to have a certain thickness in order to remain stiff and durable.

Best Budget Fixie Cranksets

A fixie crankset usually consists of a single spindle with 2 crank arms directly attached. A typical fixie crankset can consist of 3 things, things like a spindle that goes through the bottom bracket axle and two crank arms that go on either side.

Things to consider while buying the best budget fixie crankset

While choosing the best budget fixie crankset, consider features such as the material used for the cranks, teeth on the chainring, weight, and stiffness.


The first thing to consider while buying a fixie crankset is the material used for making it. Generally, aluminum alloy and carbon fiber are the two things to make cranksets. Spindles can sometimes also be made of magnesium alloy.

Crank arms made of aluminum alloy usually have very thin walls and that means, It will be lightweight and also means that it may flex. So in order for the aluminum alloy to remain stiff to use a very wide chainring.

There are carbon fiber crank arms, but they are rather expensive. So in order for these to be stiff, like carbon fiber usually have a larger diameter, and also the walls will be relatively thicker. Things like extra thick-walled also mean it will be heavy.

Chain Ring

The next thing to consider while buying a fixie crankset is how many chainrings does the crankset consist of. There are 3 chainrings or 5 chainrings. A chainring’s most common feature today is its 48 teeth.

Now you might think, with more chainring will provide faster speed.” That is not always true. Chainrings like this mostly boil down to the personal preference of the rider.

For those who prefer an average speed and don’t want that to be too fast to consider while buying a fixie, a crankset are having a number of chainrings below or equal to 48 teeth.

Final Thoughts for Best Budget Fixie Crankset

A fixie crankset is one of the most important components of a fixie bike since it is the part of the bike that provides power to the rear wheel. A good crankset should be durable, able to withstand the wear and tear of a fixie bike and be able to withstand the forces from pedaling. To help you decide which crankset is the best budget fixie crankset, we have written some best crankset reviews. Have a look at these, because these cranksets provide a good balance between price and performance. These will be a good choice for anyone looking for a budget crankset that is durable. (Latest Updated).

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