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Best Fixie Helmet Reviews with Ultimate Guide

Some cyclists may be inclined to think that going without a helmet is the better choice. However, this isn’t always a practical response to dangerous activity. To minimize the risk of injury, a cyclist should choose the best fixie helmet.

Not only will it provide head protection, but it will also help the person look stylish during their most favorite hobby. A good quality helmet should always be made from durable materials with an elastic or adjustable strap that can hold it in place.

A fixie is a type of bike that has no gears, brakes, or suspension. The most important part of the bike to have the right protection is the helmet. The most common fixie helmets are made out of hard plastic with visors for protection from dirt and debris.



The best fixie helmets Review

You are here for this fixie helmet review only. But we will provide you with all the information related to fixie helmets. Let’s dive into the topic. We have covered the top 5 fixie helmets. Choose the best one for your ride.

Shinmax Fixie Helmet for Men Women

Best Fixie helmet
Shinmax Bike Helmet

It is very lightweight and has a nice, sleek design. It has an adjustable strap so it will fit any size head. I also like the fact that the helmet is not bulky and does not make my head look huge. The price is also very reasonable for a bike helmet.

The magnetic goggles are great for keeping bugs out of my eyes. I love the adjustable size function because it fits well and doesn’t slip off my head. The 7 holes in the helmet provide fantastic ventilation and keep me cool on hot days.

It is so comfortable and it has a lot of cool features. I can adjust the size to fit me perfectly.

One of the features is that it comes with a bonus backpack, to store the helmet when you’re not using it. This is very convenient because you don’t need to carry the helmet around with you all the time. Another great feature is that it’s gender-neutral, so it’s perfect for anyone! The reviews on Amazon are great and I’m sure this will be your best fixie helmet too!

Pros and Cons

  • Lightweight
  • Ventilation Hole
  • Adjustable
  • Perfect for all ages
  • Maybe weaker straps

Schwinn Thrasher Fixie Bike Helmet

Fixie Helmet Review
Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet

The Schwinn Thrasher is perfectly lightweight. I also like that it is designed for adults. It has comfortable padding on the inside and the straps are easy to adjust. I would recommend this helmet to anyone who rides a bike!

This modern design is made of three pieces. If you own a Fixie bike, I highly recommend it.

This hat uses adjustable straps and a detachable visor that can be worn during the day or not. In the summer, the 20 top air vents are crucial to keeping the bike cool. If you are looking for a comfortable and affordable fixie bike helmet, then this is it.

Pros and Cons

  • 360 comfort
  • Customizable
  • Comfortable
  • Vents
  • Perfect for fixie bikes
  • For adults

XINERTER Adult Fixie Bike Helmet

XINERTER Adult Bike Helmet
XINERTER Adult Bike Helmet

The bike helmet and the mask goggle are a set of safety equipment for bike riding, specially designed for those who like to ride in extreme conditions. Its high-density PC+EPS foam can effectively absorb impact force. Integrated structures help protect the head during collisions by absorbing impact. With three strong magnets on the goggles, you do not have to worry about falling during riding. 

The XINERTER Adult Fixie Bike Helmet is a lightweight helmet with 22 holes for ventilation, which sucks cold air from the front end and passes it through the air duct matrix to reduce overheating. It’s an ideal choice for long-distance cycling or year-round sports. The thick and soft washable helmet inner shirt absorbs moisture and sweat, ensuring that your head stays dry during sports.

Pros and Cons

  • 22 Vent holes
  • Good for long-distance riding
  • Not overheated
  • Washable
  • Absorbs sweat
  • Free shipping and refund policy
  • Can be damaged while washing

Sena R1 Smart Communications Helmet

Sena R1 Smart Fixie Helmet
Sena R1 Smart

The Sena R1 Smart helmet is a high-tech, all-in-one helmet with a built-in intercom system that allows you to listen to your music, hear surrounding sounds, and communicate with other riders using the Group Intercom feature. Additionally, the Bluetooth connectivity of this helmet pairs with your smartphone, so you can access features such as GPS navigation on the go.

The comfortable design of this helmet includes removable padding for easy cleaning, a nylon chin strap, a spinlock buckle for secure closure, and more.

Pros and Cons

  • Built-in headset
  • High tech
  • Features with Bluetooth
  • Washable
  • Removable padding
  • Smart helmet
  • Difficult to use

Giro Fixture MIPS Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet

Giro Fixture Fixie Helmet Review
Giro Fixture MIPS

This MIPS Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet is the ultimate dirt-riding helmet: lightweight, comfortable, and with a sporty design for serious cyclists. This helmet features an in-mold construction and 18 vents to keep you cool on hot days. It also has a removable visor and adjustable fit with Roc Loc Sport (a micro-adjustable rear dial).

This bike helmet has a great design on the outside and the inside. It looks great when you are wearing it on your head, but it also protects your head well when you fall off your bike or hit something on the road. If you are still looking for the best fixie helmet then you can choose it.

Pros and Cons

  • Both sides are fashionable
  • Protect your head, every helmet can do
  • Sporty design
  • Adjustable
  • No bug

Things to consider while choosing the best fixie helmet

Choosing the right fixie helmet can be a daunting task. There are so many different models and designs to choose from, which makes choosing one, seem impossible. But don’t worry!

When choosing the best fixie helmet for you, it’s important that your new helmet is comfortable and provides enough room in the front so that it doesn’t touch your eyebrows when you ride. We have compiled this list of things to consider when choosing the best fixie helmet for you. Consider these factors to make your decision easier.

Type of Helmet

Two main types of helmets are-

  • Open face
  • Full face

The type you choose will depend on the style of bike you have, what level of impact protection is needed, how long your rides typically last, etc. An open-face helmet can be a great option for people who ride single-speed bikes and only go on short rides. If you plan to do longer or faster rides, it’s probably best that you choose a full-face helmet with more safety features.

The Cost

Fixie helmets can vary in price depending on the material, safety features, and brand. It can be from $20 to $100 depends on these features.


There will be cheaper fixie helmets made with foam or plastic. For added protection, cheaper fixie helmets have an ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) inner shell. So, it is up to you, which one you will choose for your fixie bike.

Safety Features

More expensive fixie helmets will have more safety features such as a visor or air ventilation, material, etc.

Why should you wear a helmet while riding fixie?

When riding a fixie, one should wear a helmet to protect the head from accidents such as crashing or getting hit by a car. The helmet can also protect against pedestrians and broken glass if you fall. Fixies also require more balance and concentration than other bikes, which means that it’s easier to fall off of them and hurt yourself.

Fixies do not have brakes or gears; therefore, stopping is notoriously difficult. If the rider falls off the bike while riding, there’s no way to stop their momentum. Furthermore, if the rider falls without wearing a helmet it could potentially lead to fatal injuries.

Which type of helmet should you get for a fixie?

Which type of bike helmet should you get? There are two options – traditional and fixed gear. The more modern styles of the two are for riders who do not want to alter their helmet design because it was made specifically with one type in mind.

So keep this in mind if your ride is on a different kind than what these specific brands can accommodate!

The best fixie helmets will be smaller and offer increased ventilation compared to other models available; however, they also need more care due to them being small compact pieces that may easily get dirty quickly from wear and tear over time

There are many different types of fixed-gear bikes with their unique combinations of gears and accessories. One question that often arises is what type of helmet should you get? There’s no right answer to this because accidents can happen on any road or track at any time so it’s important for your safety as well!

For a lighter, strap-less fixie bike helmet try looking into models designed specifically for these purposes such as the Giro Artifact Fixed Gear Bike Helmet which weighs only 1090 grams (42 ounces).

Final Thoughts

The search for a good helmet, especially one that is comfortable and protects your head well can be difficult. Fortunately, there are many different brands of the best fixie helmets available to choose from! There’s no need though because we tried our best to provide you with all information about it so hopefully this has helped in finding what YOU were looking for here today 🙂

The right choice might just have fallen into place after reading through some reviews-we hope everyone finds their desired product now too. (Latest Updated).

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